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A word about pain.  I am sympathetic. Believe me, I am. In my past I have had broken arms, ruptured  discs, back pain, headache pain, 12 fractured ribs, root canal, muscle spasms -you name it. (Every thing but labor pains.)

                                  I AM SYMPATHETIC ABOUT YOUR PAIN.


And I  have a 98% success rate --when people follow my program of care.  

I can help your body to function better.  -That's what Real Health is about.  But you need to understand this:

In all of recorded history, no one has ever died from pain.  If you are just attempting to get rid of pain,  you are missing out on true health. You are missing out on life. Because True Health has little to do with pain or the absence of pain. Life must be more than mere avoidance of pain. (Or, is that all you care about?)

Oh, there are plenty of MD's, DO's and DC's who will pander to your pain.  And there's big money to be made in "pain care". But the point is not about the pain.  Pain will never kill you. It's what caused the pain that can kill you.



The long-standing subluxations* --which are often associated with your pain--can kill you.  Silently... Slowly...  Subluxations* degenerate the nerves.   Silently... Slowly...

THE SCARY THING is that you can have subluxations, and not even know it because most subluxations do not even cause pain.  Until the end stages....

No one ever dies from pain. We ALL will die from some internal organ death (heart failure, kidney failure, etc.,). 

Proper Function of your internal organs occurs when nerve messages-sent from the brain-are optimally received by your internal organs. (Every organ has a nerve connection.)

Stress can cause pressure on your nerves and spinal cord.

This pressure is called subluxation, and causes the nerves to malfunction (much like a clamp on an artery reduces blood flow).

Subluxation (nerve pressure), causes dysfunction to your vital brain-to-organ nerve messages.  Resulting in Poor Health.             

Chiropractors are the only Doctors licensed to locate and correct subluxations of the spine.



And I  have a 98% success rate --when people follow my program of care.  

TO better understand what a subluxation is, click on FAQ "what is a subluxation?"

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