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Happy Fall! Happy October!

Happy Fall! Happy October! Well, about the only thing new is that I went to the Deerfield Country Fair in late September. I Love it... I go every year. I hope to go to the Sandwich fair in Sandwich, NH over this Columbus Day Weekend, and the office will be closed on Saturday October 7th for that event.

Well, of course one does not just View the fair... one EATS through the fair! My favorite this time was called Poutine. It originates from upstate NY! It is ​​ shown below.

It is Fresh-cut “fair fries”, with soft “farmers cheese” on it (that's the white chunks) and topped with a reduced-sherry gravy that it... Oh my! Soooo good! I am getting hungry just looking at the picture again! Oh! It was so good. What you see on the picture was just a “half-order”! I didn't spend much time viewing the livestock but went to see the shows, and displays. I spent 8 hours there! Of course, 6 of those 8 hours were spent looking for where I had parked the car! (No... Not really-Just joking!) But I really did walk around for 8 hours. I was tired afterwards. Walking is great exercise but I had not done much of it lately! Amazingly, even after all that walking, although physically tired, I didn't have any aches or pains, etc., ---Must be all those adjustments I have received over the years.

Getting a little cool for the kayak now,

but I did lots of paddling this summer.

SEASON in TRANSITION It was a cool ride on the motorcycle this morning (Oct.2, Mon.)-and I almost chickened out and took the truck-but I put on a fleece jacket under the Motorcycle jacket and I was plenty warm. Except my hands; I'll have to switch to the warmer gloves next time! Yes the weather is getting cooler and yet it is in transition. This is a transition time for clothing and “hobby-tools” like the bicycle, kayak, motorcycle... soon they will all be put away and I will be dreaming of snow for XC Skiing. Rumors of snow are all around as we see so much water having been dumped down south. Only time will tell. But I mentioned transition time... This is the time that leaves our hats and scarves abandoned as orphans; they get left at diners and at friends' houses, even the back seats of our vehicles. “It was cold when we got here but it is so much warmer now that I forgot I came in with all that clothing!” And then we blame old age or something else for forgetting them when we really have been “forgetting” scarves and hats and light jackets around this transition season-all of our lives! Right? Right? Or am I the only one? Ahem. Moving right along now... Here is the OCTOBER CALENDAR. (Go to website and click on CALENDAR on home page). Have a great October!.


Dr. Joe

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