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November Post

THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG! It took a long time to get it going, but I hope to have health tips and more in coming issues. (Do they call emails issues?... IDK!)

PERSONAL NEWS: All Saints Day (Nov. 1st) was a wee bit chilly! I chickened out and drove the truck to THE 7:15a.m. mass and then to work. At noontime I will take out the motorcycle as temps will be warmer. Oh yes, I still take the 'bike as much as possible.

And I kayak as much as possible. I get such great exercise with that little kayak, and I feel so good after an hour on the lake that I expect to just dress warmer and keep paddling until the ice forms. No I'm serious!

Well this November I am doing something a little different. I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving in NY. Haven't done that in years.

OFFICE CALENDAR: I decided to just close the office on Friday after Thanksgiving to give myself time to get back from NY. Please Go to my website ( to see the calendar for specific days and times I'll be open during that Thanksgiving week.

THANK YOU FOR REFERRING! I want to thank Pat. P. who referred a new patient to me this past month. I really appreciate it. And the new patient immediately signed up for the Wellness Plan that I offer (see website for details). It really is the best deal going in true health care.

AN OBSERVATION ABOUT THE VITAMINS IN MY OFFICE: I had been suggesting patiently, to one patient for over a month that he needed some supplemental vitamins. FINALLY he agreed. He texted me every day: "Day 1-no change!" then... "Day 2-no change" (Did he really expect to see a change that soon? ) Then on the 4th day he stopped texting me! A few days later he came into the office for an adjustment and I could immediately SEE the change in him--"that's why I stopped texting" he stated, "because I could feel the change; now I'm trying to get my neighbor to get these vitamins from you!" (The INNATE Brand I provide is only through licensed health care professionals.) ASK about them ON YOUR NEXT VISIT -OR JUST STOP BY AND CHAT. !

ABOUT CHIROPRACTIC: Chiropractic is true health care when you think about it. Medicine is "patch-up care" . Regular chiropractic care KEEPS you healthy!

ERGONOMIC CONUNDRUMS! Recently a patient complained that he still had many relapses of pain. And it was true. I was getting frustrated. He was in pain.

From experience, I knew that I had done my very best and he SHOULD HAVE gotten more relief that he expressed.

SO I SCHEDULED A WORKPLACE VISIT. (No charge for this if you are an established patient.) In just 5 minutes of examining his work station site, desk and chair, I was convinced that his chair was the problem. I do not have a picture to explain what we did, but we lowered just one armrest of his chair. THAT enabled him to rotate his chair under the table, so that he was not twisting around in his seat. PROBLEM SOLVED! He finally started to "hold" his adjustments.

Go to my website for more info!

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