November Post

THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG! It took a long time to get it going, but I hope to have health tips and more in coming issues. (Do they call emails issues?... IDK!)

PERSONAL NEWS: All Saints Day (Nov. 1st) was a wee bit chilly! I chickened out and drove the truck to THE 7:15a.m. mass and then to work. At noontime I will take out the motorcycle as temps will be warmer. Oh yes, I still take the 'bike as much as possible.

And I kayak as much as possible. I get such great exercise with that little kayak, and I feel so good after an hour on the lake that I expect to just dress warmer and keep paddling until the ice forms. No I'm serious!

Well this November I am doing something a little different. I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving in NY. Haven't done that in years.

OFFICE CALENDAR: I decided to just close the office on Friday after Thanksgiving to give myself time to get back from NY. Please Go to my website ( to see the calendar for specific days and times I'll be open during that Thanksgiving week.

THANK YOU FOR REFERRING! I want to thank Pat. P. who referred a new patient to me this past month. I really appreciate it. And the new patient immediately signed up for the Wellness Plan that I offer (see website for details). It really is the best deal going in true health care.

AN OBSERVATION ABOUT THE VITAMINS IN MY OFFICE: I had been suggesting patiently, to one patient for over a month that he needed some supplemental vitamins. FINALLY he agreed. He texted me every day: "Day 1-no change!" then... "Day 2-no change" (Did he really expect to see a change that soon? ) Then on the 4th day he stopped texting me! A few days later he came into the office for an adjustment and I could immediately SEE the change in him--"that's why I stopped texting" he stated, "because I could feel the change; now I'm trying to get my neighbor to get these vitamins from you!" (The INNATE Brand I provide is only through licensed health care professionals.) ASK about them ON YOUR NEXT VISIT -OR JUST STOP BY AND CHAT. !

ABOUT CHIROPRACTIC: Chiropractic is true health care when you think about it. Medicine is "patch-up care" . Regular chiropractic care KEEPS you healthy!

ERGONOMIC CONUNDRUMS! Recently a patient complained that he still had many relapses of pain. And it was true. I was getting frustrated. He was in pain.

From experience, I knew that I had done my very best and he SHOULD HAVE gotten more relief that he expressed.

SO I SCHEDULED A WORKPLACE VISIT. (No charge for this if you are an established patient.) In just 5 minutes of examining his work station site, desk and chair, I was convinced that his chair was the problem. I do not have a picture to explain what we did, but we lowered just one armrest of his chair. THAT enabled him to rotate his chair under the table, so that he was not twisting around in his seat. PROBLEM SOLVED! He finally started to "hold" his adjustments.

Go to my website for more info!

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Testimonials from Dr. Joe Kish

Testimonials on Chiropractic as experienced by Dr. Joe Kish


My life has been saved with prompt Chiropractic care, on at least three occasions.



STOMACH function



    I once had a T-5 SUBLUXATION and I didn’t know it. The 5th Thoracic spinal nerve goes through a nerve plexus and controls the proper function of your stomach.  It happened when I was a Police Officer in the Village of Fishkill, NY.  I was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light. There was no damage to my vehicle, the “tap” was that slight, but I felt a pain in my mid-back between the shoulder blades. That night I took my parents out to dinner. It was their Anniversary.  I remember that I ate the broiled sea scallops. They were great! After dinner, while I was walking to the car, I threw up in the parking lot of the restaurant. I thought I had a “stomach bug”. 

     Fortunately, at this time I was going to a chiropractor regularly and my next appointment was in two days. The next morning I had sausage and eggs and had to run to the bathroom to throw up again. That afternoon I had a hotdog for lunch (this is before I cleaned up my diet!) and could barely keep it down. I was actually getting weak from lack of protein.

    The next morning I saw my chiropractor. I told him about the accident, what I had eaten, and the vomiting. "Hmmm” he said, “It sounds like achlor-hydria (lack of sufficient stomach acid) due to a subluxation.”

He knew just where to check, the fifth thoracic vertebra, and sure enough, it was subluxated. Spinal nerve interference is called “subluxation”. He gently adjusted this bone and said “There, I’ve gotten it, go home and enjoy some protein.” That night I had a steak (protein) for dinner and I had no digestion problems.

I have not had a stomach problem since.


HEART function


      My life has been saved with prompt Chiropractic care, on at least three occasions.   The 1st Thoracic nerve goes through your Cardiac Nerve Plexus and controls the proper functioning of your heart.  

     I once had a T-1 SUBLUXATION and didn’t know it until I happened to get my blood pressure checked and my heart sounds listened-to. It turns out I incurred a T-1 Subluxation (“nerve interference” is called subluxation) from a tennis game 2 days earlier when I missed the ball  and "over swung".  Prior to this injury/subluxation I had normal blood pressure and normal heart sounds. Now I had a heart arrhythmia and high blood pressure. These findings were verified by 4 different doctors.

     With a stethescope I also listened to my heart sounds and heard the asymmetric heart beat. I quickly went to my brother (who was a Chiropractic Student-Doctor at the time) and he adjusted the 1st Thoracic bone. He immediately took my blood pressure: Now normal! He listened to my heart sounds: Now normal! I listened-to my heart sounds too, and sure enough, the normal heart beat (and blood pressure),  had returned.

I have not had a heart problem since.

LIVER function



     My life has been saved with prompt Chiropractic care, on at least three occasions.   I assure you, if the T-11 nerve is impinged (“nerve interference” called subluxation) it will affect your livers’ proper function.  It certainly affected mine. Many people believe that if they have no pain that they are healthy; sadly this is not true.

      I once had a SUBLUXATION of the T-11 nerve. It happened when I slipped on a staircase and fell onto the very edge of the step. I landed on my back, right at the location of the T-11 spinal bone. Wow, that did hurt – but the pain went away.

A few days later I went for a scheduled blood and urine test which was required in order to get a new life insurance policy. Two days later I received the results and was denied life insurance   (unless I wanted to go into some sort of “assigned risk” pool – at a much higher premium!) -because I had an "elevated Bilirubin level".

 Bilirubin shows up in the urine. It is an indicator of  LIVER FUNCTION.

      By now, I was a licensed Chiropractor, and I immediately understood the nerve-connection involved, and connected that to the fall on the steps. I insisted that my chiropractor check my 11th Thoracic bone. Sure enough, it was subluxated.

I  had it corrected (“adjusted”), and immediately called the insurance agent to demand another blood/urine test. A week later another test was made and two days after that a very confused insurance man called me back to report that the results were: a normal bilirubin level!  ("The first lab test must have been in error", he said!)

     I got the insurance policy from the same agent and the same company that originally denied me. I get a test done every couple of years and I haven’t had a bilirubin or liver problem since.




BLOOD pressure?

Well, NOTHING…and maybe... EVERYTHING

     Recently a patient complained of her gradually increasing blood pressure, first in the moderately high range, and then up into the definitely high range: 160/100!  We did pre-and post-adjustment blood pressure testing, and after a week of intensive Chiropractic care, her blood pressure was 120/80… textbook normal.


 He didn’t. He simply adjusted her spine.

Chiropractors do not treat or cure disease, we only locate and adjust spinal subluxations.  Once subluxations are corrected, the body operates with optimum nerve function, and the internal organs can then function at optimum. It took a week for  her body to return to normal function.