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Mid-Winter Office Updates


CAN vitamins help you sleep better at night, be more alert during the day, improve digestion, correct dizziness and help lose weight???

WELL, HERE'S A TESTIMONIAL FOR YOU TO READ! A lot of you do not take a daily supplement. Maybe it is time to reconsider! I eat mostly organic foods, I juice vegetables, I eat well, but even with those efforts, I STILL need supplements. The INNATE vitamin line we have had for years is the BEST I have found -and I have been taking vitamins since I was 6 years old. YES!

THE TESTIMONIAL: I had been trying to convince one 70 yr. old patient to take vitamins. She resisted for months. Finally she said, "Oh alright. They are expensive." True. But YOU are worth it. Well, after only a few weeks she reported the following changes, and she insisted that I tell everyone about it!

SLEEP. She reported she got to sleep easily and slept better.

DIGESTION. She reported that her digestive tract was functioning better.

ALERT: She reported that she was more alert throughout the day and

DIZZY spells were a thing of the past. She also reported a reduction in her WEIGHT.


No, absolutely not.

You see, this was a patient who was truly Vitamin and Nutrient STARVED. So of course we see great, amazing, fantastic results. But even if you are not nutrient starved you are probably Nutrient HUNGRY! We just cannot get the nutrients from our foods like our ancestors could. Oh, and "ORGANIC" does not mean "Nutrient rich!" It just means that it was grown under special circumstances. BOTTOM LINE: We all need vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Try our Innate Vitamins. (And yes, we have them for Men too!)


Well, you all know my opinion on the "Flu Shot". -Or you should by now as I harp about it every year. I DON'T GET THE SHOT. Never have. Never will. FACT: As soon as you inject a noxious substance into the body, violating the skin ( which is a primary immune defense organ), you will immediately experience a decline/deterioration of your immune system. (Specifically the T-cells.) That's right, your Immune System plummets when you get a "shot". Don't give me that "Baa Sheep" response, "Well they wouldn't give it to you if it was harmful." (Really, Were you born yesterday?) I cannot tell you how many people have gotten seriously ill from the flu shots over the years. Many with nerve and muscle damage resulting. (I told you, it is a noxious substance).

I sometimes watch TV during my lunch break and I see one drug commercial after another. SIX MONTH LATER I see lawyers advertising a class action suit against the very same drug because of horrible, horrible side effects and deaths. Stay away from noxious drugs! A wolf in sheeps clothing is still a wolf! Regular Chiropractic care keeps you healthy and gives you freedom from the fear of illness.


Please check the February schedule as I will be taking a week off at the end of Feb.

Just click on "CALENDARS" on my website.

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